Bushwood Golf Course

To do our part in preventing the spread of COVID -19, we are adopting the following steps to ensure safety for patrons and staff at all times. We will be updating and changing our protocols regularly as per government regulations. Remember, we are all in this together!

If you are sick or not feeling well, DO NOT COME TO THE GOLF COURSE. PLEASE STAY AT HOME!


  • Tee time intervals have been adjusted to allow for adequate physical distancing. Safety will be more important than convenience.
  • Due to the reduction of Tee Times you may be paired up to make a foursome.


  • Be vigilant in practicing mandatory 6 feet (or more) of physical distancing.
  • Arrive prepared – we encourage you to be proactive and responsible in bringing your own sanitizer for use while golfing. Hand sanitizer will be available in the Pro Shop, but with limited stock.
  • Putting green will be open. Physical distancing must be practiced at all times. The putting green is for use of customers playing on that day.
  • Sanitized power carts will be permitted.
  • During the check in process you will receive your sanitized key for the power cart.
  • Only 4 golfers are permitted in the Pro Shop at a time.
  • Club rentals and pull carts are available.
  • Washrooms will be available only 2 people at a time.
  • Our Restaurant and Patio are OPEN, and our menu includes burgers, wraps, hot dogs, sausages, sandwiches, snacks, and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). We also have a Food & Beverage cart on the course Friday-Sunday.
  • No outside alcohol permitted. Consumption of these beverages constitutes a violation of our liquor license and could result in personal fines by the AGCO. In addition, this type of behaviour exposes Bushwood Golf Club to severe sanctions against our club including massive fines and possible suspension of our liquor license.



  • Always remain vigilant in practicing mandatory 6 feet (or more) of physical distancing. (no hand shaking, high fives, elbow bumps etc. during your round)
  • Ball washers have been removed (please bring your own damp towel).
  • Rakes have been removed – COVID-19 local rule is in place to allow you to ‘foot rake and place’ your ball as needed. Please also do your best to ‘foot rake’ your steps as you exit the bunker.
  • Cups have foam in them and will allow the ball to fall into the cup about a ¼ inch allowing the ball to be knocked out with your putter.
  • No sharing of equipment, balls, tees, scorecards, ball markers, food, beverage or inhalation products.
  • Refrain from picking up random golf balls you find.



  • Always stay vigilant in practicing mandatory 6 feet (or more) of physical distancing (no end of round hand shaking, high fives, elbow bumps etc.)
  • If you have a power cart please return the cart to the designated cart drop off and remove all personal items and leave the key in the ignition of the cart then go to your vehicle and leave the property.
  • Please respect our staff and property and ensure all garbage is either taken with you or disposed of properly in garbage cans.
  • We thank you for helping to overcome this pandemic !