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Jelana Duncan | Teaching Pro

Jelana is an accomplished player winning both; the Quebec Juvenile, Junior Championships, and competing in the Canadian Women’s Tour as a professional.

The heart of her work has been in coaching. Effective communication of the swing motion in plain, simple and easy to understand language, and how people learn to change to develop consistency for all golf shots has been her main focus.

Her diversified teaching experience comes from studies in education at OISE, particularly in group teaching; the physical education program at the University of Ottawa, and her participation in the National Coaching and Certification Program. With a mix of both technical knowledge and teaching skills, she provides her students with a personalized learning experience so they understand and can participate in choosing the next steps.

Jelana is dedicated to helping players of all ages and abilities enjoy the game and to reach their full potential.


  • Private 1 Hour - $95.00 + HST (Package of 3 $260)
  • Private (1/2 hour) - $50.00 + HST (Package of 3 $140)
  • Semi-Private (1 hour) - $55.00/person + HST (Package of 3 $150 + HST)
  • Group (3-4 people for 1 hour) - $40.00/person (Package of 5  $170 + HST)
  • Clinic (5-6 people for 1 hour) - $30.00/person + HST (Package of 5  $125 + HST)
  • Friends/Family Package (1 hour & 15 mins) - $145.00 + HST max of 6 people with a minimum of 2 adults
  • Playing Lesson (2 hours) - $160.00 + HST
  • Private (1 hour) - $65.00 + HST
  • Semi-Private (1 hour) - $40.00/person + HST
  • Private (1/2 hour) - $45.00 + HST
  • Semi-Private (1/2 hour) - $30.00/person + HST
  • Group/Clinics (1 hour) (max 6 students) - $23.00/person + HST


Aaron Nemtean | Teaching Pro
Aaron is a Golf Teaching Professional, certified with the 'Canadian Golf Teachers Federation'.
He was named 'Golfer of the Year' for his High-School team in Toronto.
As a Junior golfer he played in several large Provincial and National tournaments. He finished in 4th place at the 2016 Canadian Golf Teachers Federation Cup.
He worked at Bushwood last summer as an instructor with the Junior Golf Camp. He also worked as a pro-shop attendant at Bathurst Glen Golf Course.
He gets a kick out of seeing his students get better at the game of golf while having fun doing it.
He has a BA from the University of Western Ontario and is currently pursuing a career in Law.
On his spare time he enjoys spending time at his cottage with his dog.


  • $50.00 for a half hour